3D Creator is a prototype that shows how students (grades 7-12) can use block-based programming to create immersive 3D scenes. It’s designed such that students only need knowledge of x, y, and z planes, and gently introduces more complex topics over time.

It provides an immediate feedback loop (when a block is added, the scene automatically updates, with no render time) and uses PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to create realistic materials, reflections, and lighting.

Designed to run on minimal hardware, 3D Creator is fully browser-based and requires no installation. It runs well (at 60fps for most scenes) on most low-end laptops and Chromebooks.

3D Creator is made possible by Google’s Blockly and BabylonJS. All public domain materials and HDRIs sourced from ambientCG and Poly Haven.

To launch 3D Creator, browse to https://simonguest.github.io/3dcreator.

3D Creator Prototype Screenshot

Sample Projects

Sample projects can be opened via the toolbar or via these direct URLs: