08. April 2013

jQuery Mobile and AngularJS Working Together

Both jQuery Mobile (jQM) and AngularJS are awesome at what they do, but getting them to play nicely together can be tricky. As you may have discovered, both want to manipulate the URL/routes and DOM such that it’s very easily to get them in conflict. Having been through this recently, I wanted to share some recommendations to get them working together.


22. March 2013

On-Demand VPN using OpenVPN for iOS

Many large organizations have existing VPNs in place, and the rise in development of enterprise mobile applications often requires that apps running outside the firewall need to “VPN in” before they are allowed to access any corporate resources.

While enabling a VPN is fairly easy on most mobile devices, I’ve found that many IT organizations would like to automate this such that the device automatically connects to the VPN when the Enterprise App or an internal Website is launched. Having gone through this with a couple of customers, I’ve put this post together to highlight how this can be done.


08. February 2013


Doing mobile development on a Mac? Need to show your mobile device using your USB camera during a presentation?

Here’s a quick utility that I hacked together over the weekend to do just that. Supports mirroring/reversed images (which is why PhotoBooth won’t work for this) and borderless mode to keep it in the foreground over an IDE or presentation. Hope you find it useful!


06. July 2012

Uploading Photos from Mobile Web Applications

Here at Neudesic, we’re fortunate to be involved in many exciting HTML5/Mobile Web applications for different organizations. For many of these projects, one of the common requests, especially for field-facing mobile applications, is the ability to upload a photo from within a web page in a mobile browser.


27. June 2012

Announcing Neudesic Slingshot!

Getting SharePoint working on a mobile device can be hard. The “out of the box” experience, even with SharePoint 2010, is very basic and doesn’t take advantage of the device. Solutions on the AppStore are a step in the right direction, but many don’t do anything over providing the ability to browse a SharePoint site. At Neudesic, we are hoping to change all this through a project we call Slingshot.


24. April 2012

An Objective View of MEAPs

I recently had the opportunity to put together some research for a customer who has been interested in the MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) space. My premise is that the market has become flooded with MEAPs (Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms, as coined by Gartner), yet most of them are fundamentally taking organizations and developers down the wrong path when it comes to developing mobile applications. The problem is that MEAPs demo really well in front of the CIO… “Wow! You just hit F5, and your application is compiled and deployed to iOS, Android, Blackberry devices… Where do I sign?” – yet the reality is very different.


12. April 2012

Tips, Tricks, and Recommendations for HTML5/Mobile Web Development

Over the past few months I’ve been fortunate to have worked with several customers creating Mobile Web applications for different devices. These have included an iPad based Mobile Web app for a healthcare provider, a cross-platform Mobile Web app for a commercial real estate broker, and an Android tablet solution to allow scientists to research experiment details from the comfort of their lab.

From these projects, I’ve come up with a list of tips, tricks, and recommendations that I wanted to share if you are looking to develop your own Mobile Web applications. Hope you find them useful…


11. November 2011

Extracting and Using Facebook OAuth Token from ACS

A couple of my previous blog posts have shown how AppFabric ACS (Access Control Service) can be used as part of the Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS to enable federated authentication with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and other providers. I was recently asked whether it’s possible to extract an OAuth token as part of the ACS sign in process that can then be presented to Facebook’s Graph API in order to access details such as friends lists, photos, etc. In this post, I’ll cover how this can be done.


21. October 2011

Working with the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android

At the end of August, Microsoft published the Windows Azure Toolkit for Android. At Neudesic, the partner behind developing the both toolkits for iOS and Android, we’ve been working with customers that use the toolkit to connect mobile applications to the cloud. One of the recent requests however has been to provide a walkthrough of getting started with the toolkit. The current build on GitHub was released for a specific version of Eclipse and the Android tools, and as a result, can be a little challenging getting the library and sample code up and running. In this post, I’ll explain what it takes to download the toolkit, create a brand new environment in Eclipse, and get started quickly with the toolkit.


13. August 2011

Authenticating with Google, Facebook, and others from your jQueryMobile Application

In my last post, I showed how to implement authentication using Google, Facebook, etc. for your iOS application – using the Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS. This works well for iPhone applications written in Objective C, but what if you are developing a Web based mobile applications that span multiple platforms? Given that everything is using Web pages, you would hope that it would be a little easier, but things can get tricky - especially if you are using jQueryMobile.