Cloud Computing Interoperability

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working with Jean Paoli’s team at Microsoft to create an application that runs across multiple cloud vendors.  Jean’s team has been working on a number of SDKs for PHP and Java, and I wanted to create a sample that demonstrated all of them working together.

The result is a small application that calculates every prime number between 1 and 10,000,000 in a minute or less, with the calculation performed by a set of PHP pages running on Windows Azure, a Java Servlet running on Google AppEngine, and an ASP.NET application running on Amazon EC2.  All of the results are stored in a central SQL Azure database, and I used the .NET Service Bus to coordinate messages across the three cloud applications.

I presented this for the first time at TechEd Europe last week in Berlin and this week at QCon in San Francisco.  Both presentations seemed to strike a chord with the audience, especially the attendees looking for how interoperability works in the cloud.

For those that weren’t able to make it to my sessions, I’ve recorded a short screencast of the demo in action – you can find it here

If you are after more information, here you can find a longer (50 minute) screencast that goes into the details of how this works.

5 thoughts on “Cloud Computing Interoperability

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  2. Carlos

    It works. Thanks.

    Btw, your Qcon presentation is EXCLLENT! I had chance to view it at yesterday.


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