Introducing the Architecture Journal Reader

With 13 issues and over 60,000 subscribers, you are probably already familiar with the printed and PDF versions of the Microsoft Architecture Journal.

At the Strategic Architect Forum (SAF) last week we released a new way of reading the Journal:  The Architecture Journal Reader.  Based on WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and the upcoming NewsReader SDK, the Architecture Journal Reader delivers an offline, immersive, and searchable reading experience for all issues of the Journal, available in 4 languages.  The Architecture Journal Reader automatically synchronizes with new content as it’s released, enables annotations, includes a reading list of favorite articles, and even supports feedback on articles through a set of online forums.

You can install the beta version from here today!  Please let us know what you think!


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15 thoughts on “Introducing the Architecture Journal Reader

  1. http://

    Excellent! I got hooked on the NY Times Reader during the beta, so much so that I subscribed. Why TIME didn’t make the technology “Invention of the year” I don’t know. It’s way cooler than the iPhone for anyone who reads on-screen. Magazine subscriptions are a premium in New Zealand due to the excess for postage, hence I’ve used Zinio, Texterity and pdf for years. Reading magazines in those formats is tiring and awkward thanks to limited zooming and the necessity to scroll. Especially so when using a small laptop display (widescreen makes it worse). My hope is that the magazine vendors will move to the WPF SDK. I wish it were possible to read the web this way. This first public release for TAJ looks really good. The only things I’d like to do (that I don’t think the beta allows) is to have the option of hiding the controls at the bottom, and the contents at the side.

  2. http://

    I tried this but my workplace uses a proxy that requires NTLM authentication and the reader doesn’t work. This seems like it should be an easy fix?

  3. admin

    Hi Goyuix

    We have heard this feedback from others also, and plan to have proxy support in the next beta release (targeting end of Jan).


  4. Michael Wood

    Where can we post/send feedback on the journal, such as bugs or issues? For example, I received an email indicating that Issue 14 is out and that I can read it with the reader, but when I open the reader it says that I’m up to date and hasn’t downloaded issue 14.

    I have other feedback as well, but I’m not sure where I should be sending it.

  5. admin

    Hi Michael

    You can send comments directly to editors at architecturejournal dot net. We have a new drop planned for late January, so appreciate any feedback.

    For Issue 14, the PDF email did get released before the reader was updated. We expect the reader update in a couple of weeks, and hope to have it synchronized for the next issue.


  6. http://

    After upgrading to Windows 7, i’m getting constantly the “unable to connect to remote server” and the content has not been updated.

  7. http://

    Receiving error “The remote server returned an error 504 gateway timeout”. Any support forum for this particulare product.

  8. http://


    the reader is not available anymore from the link provided?

    Is there any way we can get the source code for it?


  9. http://

    It seems the Reader is not supporting any more, I have the articles up to version 18 but I can not connect to the server any more.
    What’s wrong with it ?

  10. http://

    It seems the Reader is not supporting any more, I have the articles up to version 18 but I can not connect to the server any more.
    What’s wrong with it ?

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