Putting the User back into Architecture

I've just uploaded the video recording from my recent keynote at the Canadian Architect Forum last month – this is a session I did called "Putting the User back into Architecture" and offers a framework for how architects and developers can think about user experience.

As an added bonus, I encoded the video using the Expression Media Encoder May Preview and embedded the Silverlight output in this post.  One of the cool things about this encoding is the ability to navigate through the video using several key markers (just like the chapters on a DVD).  Hover above the play button to see this in action.


14 thoughts on “Putting the User back into Architecture

  1. Mohammad Akif

    Based on feedback from attendees it was one of the top sessions at the event (which featured 47 sessions!). I personally found it very informative and I must add… entertaining. I would highly recommend it to all your blog readers, its definitely worth the investment of time


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